The truth about Calories


The quick and easy guide to understanding Calories, and why they matter:

Calories are a measurement of energy. You cannot ignore calories and they are not different due to source. They are what they are with no going around them.

The amount of calories you ingest, along with how many you burn will determine your body weight.

The source of your calories will determine your body composition and impact your health/quality of life.

The good thing is that weight control is determined by calorie control. If you just care about the scale, only ingest enough calories to maintain the weight you want. Your “look” will be controlled by calorie source and activity.

The simple formula to get the weight you want is target weight x 10 = calorie consumption, plus or minus the amount used during physical activity above the norm. You can lose 1 to 2 pounds a week with this plan. More than 2 pounds is not good for you. Work on a long term plan to take your weight to where you want in steps.

I will follow this with more info on food sources and break down of fat, carbs, to protein ratios.

Brian Wright

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