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Kickistarter 66 Days To lasting Change

What you get:

Unlimited Training Membership

Custom Program to achieve your goal



Training Shirt

Boxing Gloves

Hand Wraps

Shin Guards


Here is how we achieve high level, lasting results:

Define the goal

Find the person or people, that have a track record of achieving this goal for a variety of people, consistently

Get some skin in the game by investing money and commit your time

Drop the excuses

Show up consistently


Work hard

That is it. No secret. No trick. It is science and psychology. Change your pattern for 66 days, not 21 like the scam artists keep trying to sell you, and it will stick.

66 days and you are on a new path, with a new team, achieving consistently positive results…

Forget New Year, New You. Focus on science and psychology. Take the proven steps, ditch the fads and dream of a shortcut.

66 days… you can do it. We can help.

Try our 66 days to lasting change – Kickstarter Program!