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Brian Wright Founder - Owner - Head Coach

In 1998, Brian Wright, owner and head coach of Killer B Combat Sports, opened his 1st academy in search of a way to produce elite results for people of all abilities and backgrounds. Killer B is the home of this way and Brian’s methods of achieving results.

A lifelong Martial Artist and retired professional fighter, Brian Wright brings a world of experience to our mats in Oakhurst, NJ. Brian has trained and competed personally in over 13 countries and almost every State in the US. 100’s of athletes have competed out of Brian’s academy and under his methods to fight in the world’s biggest shows; UFC, Bellator, PFL, and Glory plus K1, Pride, Ring of Combat, Cage Fury FC, Invicta, King of the Cage, Ring of Fire, and many more…

Brian’s methods have produced elite results for some of the top Combat Sports athletes in the world, but the system is not strictly for athletes. The main goal has been and will always be results for anyone who is open to learning, pushing their limits, and trusting the process. Elite results are anyone’s to achieve.

With the addition of killerb.online, one does not have to travel to Oakhurst to learn the Killer B way! As our training evolves, so does our ability to communicate and achieve results from anywhere.

Notable Athletes trained by Brian Wright:

Karl Roberson – current UFC Middleweight

DeAnna Bennett – current Invicta, UFC vet, TUF fighter

Shawn Teed – CFFC Heavyweight Champ, Dana White’s Contender Series vet

David Branch – UFC vet

Kurt Pellegrino – UFC vet

Greg Soto – UFC vet

George Sullivan – UFC vet, CFFC Welterweight Champ

Justin Haskins – WEC vet, Ring of Combat Champ

Sam Oropeza – Strikeforce and Bellator

Stephen Regman – Dana White’s Contender Series vet, Shogun Fights Middleweight Champ

Phil Caracappa – Dana White’s Contender Series vet, Ring of Combat Champ