It shouldn’t be that complicated

The process to get in shape or learn a new skill, like MMA, Kickboxing, or Jiu Jitsu, should not be that complicated. The work won’t be easy, but the path to success should not be so complicated that it overwhelms or scares you off. 

Everything requires doing the work to get good. The key to making the work have value is the coaching! If you are trying to do anything, it is best to go learn from people that have achieved what you want to, or even better, trained other people to achieve this. A coach that has found personal success does not guarantee that they can translate this in a way people can understand and replicate for themselves. A coach that has consistently found success for a variety of people is a proven asset that has the skills to communicate and educate.

I really don’t like trainers/coaches/senseis/professors etc… that over complicate things. For the most part, this is done to make students feel inferior and dependent on the teacher. I don’t think this puts anyone in a good place to achieve anything besides more funds in a coaches pocket.

Teaching and coaching is a balance. The person with the plan has to provide it in a way that the student will understand and be able to execute on. If both sides agree to do their part, we find a balanced relationship that has the potential to achieve positive results. 

If the student doesn’t follow the plan, do the work, or trust the process – it all falls apart.

If the teacher doesn’t share the plan in a way that the student understands, clearly demonstrates the value of the plan, and works with the student during the process – it all falls apart.

Both sides have to have equal commitments and keep each other in check. In places where you are paying to train, you 100% have the right to keep your coach in check. If you are not getting what you agreed to get with the teacher, they need to be held accountable. They did take your money…

At the end of the day, training is a service based business. Students invest in coaches and coaches need to give students what they agreed to. This is the balance that makes it all work. Welcome to the mutually beneficial trade!

Brian Wright

Killer B Combat Sports Academy