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Kids Martial Arts & Fitness Ages 5 and Up

At the Killer B Combat Sports Academy, our kid’s martial arts classes provide a fun and supportive environment where your child can learn essential self-defense skills. Our classes in Oakhurst, NJ focus on teaching kids how to be confident and stay safe, while also helping them to build character and discipline. We are proud to offer a variety of classes for kids of all ages and abilities so that everyone can find a class that is right for them.


Starting at 6 years old!

Killer B Combat Sport Academy’s Youth Martial Arts & Fitness program instills in our students the strong base and foundation needed to successfully communicate and navigate through today’s dynamic, demanding and sometimes dangerous society.

In Addition to offering a great base for self-defense, children are taught many additional, important life-building skills at Killer B, including:

  • How to Work Well With Others
  • How to have Confidence in Yourself
  • Respecting Others
  • Living a Fitness Based Lifestyle
  • Developing Humility
  • Being Attentive & Aware
  • Reward for Personal Achievement
  • Being the “Anti-Bully” (Showing compassion for others)

Our Kids program in Oakhurst, NJ, gives your child the ability, wherewithal and self-control to handle life’s threatening situations while building a strong foundation of self-confidence. This conscience will enable your child to develop a calmer and more tolerant disposition to be able to interact with other kids.

Kids Martial Arts


From the moment you walk through the doors at Killer B Combat Sports Academy, you can feel the legacy that has been built by the elite athletes that have come before you. Our staff is comprised of world-class coaches, and our training equipment is top-of-the-line. It’s clear that this is a place where greatness is made.


The kid’s martial arts classes at Killer B are second to none. Our instructors are all highly skilled professionals with a history of coaching success and a passion for teaching martial arts to young people. We make the classes fun, engaging, and challenging, while also teaching your kids important life skills like discipline, respect, and perseverance. The kids who train at Killer B Combat Sports Academy are part of a legacy of excellence.

Kids Martial Arts
Kids Martial Arts


Our kid’s martial arts classes help your child harness the power of their emotions, energy, and athleticism and direct it towards a constructive outlet of dedicated martial arts experience. No matter your child’s gender, background, or interests, Killer B Combat Sports Academy provides an environment of instructional learning that allows them to feel confident and controlled in their self-expression. This fundamental approach helps establish a foundation of inclusion and self-belief to help them be the best versions of themselves.


The martial arts classes at the Killer B Combat Sports Academy in Oakhurst, NJ are a great way for kids to develop physically, mentally, and emotionally. The classes provide a structured environment where kids can learn self-discipline, respect, and confidence. Our instructors are supportive and motivating, giving kids a partner to help them grow in their development. Contact us to get your child started today!

Kids Martial Arts


Each of our fun and exciting Kids Martial Arts & Fitness classes consist of physical exercises, self-defense techniques and educational games. Our methods will develop your child’s coordination, agility and flexibility in a fun and safe environment.

To learn more about Killer B’s Kids Martial Arts & Fitness Program, simply click the schedule an appointment link below and one of Killer B’s helpful and friendly staff will contact you!

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