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Since 1998, Brian Wright has been teaching Martial Arts and Fitness in Oakhurst, NJ. His academy is the first MMA Academy in the area and it is unquestionably the most experienced. When you join Killer B, you join a community of people who have been successful in martial arts and fitness. You will also be part of a legacy that has produced elite results for so many people in the local community just like you.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a combination of arts that cover striking, takedowns, and submissions. It requires a high level of fitness, nutrition, and agility. At Killer B, we have a training facility for Adults and Children (6 years old and up). We believe one must train in the individual arts before one mixes them up. Train striking in our Kickboxing program, Takedowns and Submissions in Jiu Jitsu, and get into fighting shape in our fitness programs.

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You don't have to learn all the arts. You can choose which ones you want to learn. Some people only want to learn how to strike, others only want to learn takedowns and submissions, while others want to do a bit of everything. It's up to you what you want to learn. Our programs individually or combined can help you become good at the arts you choose.

At Killer B, we don't wear belts or uniforms like some other academies. Instead, we wear shorts, shirts, and proper equipment for the discipline being practiced. Our community is defined by how well we can achieve results together instead of by titles, belt colors, or ranks.

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A team of coaches with unparalleled success in training members from day 1 with zero experience to high level athletes.

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24/7, 365 – A unique feature for our members! No matter when, you have 100% access to our facility to get your work in!

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2 Mats, Octagon, Weights, Cardio, and More…

1 location to do everything!

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If it is on the schedule, you can take it! No limitations or tiers.

Classes 6 days a week!




Normal Schedule through the holidays

Training Both Christmas and New Year's Day!


Randy Hernandez and Kevin Doherty back to work at Flex Fights Feb 4th! Ammy MMA for both.


Randy Hernandez won his MMA Debut with a dominant performance at Flex Fights. Congrats on the successful start to a career!

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At Killer B you know you are learning practical and battle tested skills that have been developed through international competition and practice. To date, Killer B athletes have tested their skills against the world's best in over 13 countries, on some of the biggest stages in martial arts.

Killer B is one of if not the only academy in the area to take a person with no experience all the way to UFC, Contender Series, Bellator, and Glory… just to name a few. Other gyms may train athletes from big shows, but we actually get athletes there.

As much as we speak about our professionals, our true mission is providing world class methods and practices for all. This isn’t about making world champions alone. It is about growing our community, healthy lifestyles, and providing opportunities for self improvement.


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together we achieve individual goals

- Brian Wright

Killer B Combat Sports Academy

Our Mission

No matter where you are starting from, what shape you are in, or what goal you have… Killer B has a program and a community to elevate your practice and achieve lasting results.

When you step into a class, you are standing with people struggling through their 1st day and those that have been with the Academy for decades. The #1 practice that has grown our community and been the foundation for our success is simple; we all agree to abide by the practice of recognizing if a person in front of us has less experience, we need to be for them what we wanted when we were in their place. No ego, no selfish behavior; a simple yet effective practice of elevating each other so we all can achieve more together than we ever could alone.

At Killer B Combat Sports Academy, our goal is to create a community of martial arts practitioners who not only learn to defend themselves, but also use the art to help individuals improve their physical health and mental wellbeing. We strive to provide an environment where students can learn new techniques, lose weight, and build confidence in their own abilities. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced martial artist, we offer classes for everyone to help you reach your goals and become the best version of yourself.

Killer B is much more than a Gym or Academy. We are your team and your community. We are your coach and partner in the process. We are your trusted source of valuable experience…

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