More successful than Oprah

You think it’s just you. You are the only person struggling. Only you has trouble aligning their goals with their choices…. I don’t want to say this but, you are so wrong. Your brain is lying to you. 

Oprah, you know who that is. Basically everyone knows her. She is a billionaire. Not just famous, but filthy freaking rich too. She has her hands in so many things, I would need an AI assistant to organize it all. Politics, entertainment, food, clothing, magazines… What is she not involved with?

Why on earth am I talking about Oprah? Because with everything she has achieved in life professionally, she still struggles personally with her weight. Her numbers are the definition of a yo-yo. She has repped it all from Weight Watchers to Cauliflower Pizza and her weight still is all over the place. Now she is on Ozempic.

What is Ozempic? It is a drug for Diabetics that was found to reduce weight in basically everyone. Do your own research on this. I am not endorsing or defining this product. I am just relaying what has been reported. I don’t know the science but I know lots of people are getting thin on it, and nauseous as hell. 

Let’s get back to you and why Oprah matters. You have this terrible sense of disappointment with your decisions. You feel like you are the only person that feels this way and makes the decisions you do. You also know that this is totally false, but you feel it still. Now what? You give into it and fall into a lonely pit of despair and self loathing, or you recognize your brain and your conditioning are messing with you?

You are not not as famous or rich as Oprah but you have the same struggle she does. She can’t can’t buy her way out of it, and neither can you. You and Oprah are way more in common than you think. The currency of self improvement is your choices, not your cash. 


Money doesn’t change your choices. That is the even playing field. The one thing we all have in common. We are all 100% in control of our choices. 

Now what? Accept that we have common struggles as humans. No matter who we are or where we are from, we are all human. This comes with psychological and biological realities. This means you are never alone in the struggle. If the most famous and wealthy fall short, you may too. If the poorest and least known overcome, you can too. The deciding factor is not your circumstance, it is you.

Now why did I bring up Oprah and Ozempic? She is choosing a shot over the work. Now you can be stronger than a billionaire, actress, media mogul, entrepreneur, author… If you are on Ozempic, I am not judging. Seriously, I am not shaming your choice. If you feel that it is the thing you need to kickstart better choices, I am not going to be critical. All I am going to do is point out that there are other ways. My personal decision is to do the work within me to find out why my choices and actions are not aligning with my goals. 

Choices are hard. If you are not taking on hard things consistently, how will you respond to choices? The daily commitment to challenging yourself is the key to developing the strength required to stand up to the negative noise and make choices that align with your goals. 

Going it alone is hard. Being accountable to only yourself is dangerous because we are all kind of weak when left to our own devices. We need to find our tribe, share our goals, and trust our fellow members to keep us accountable. 

We all can be better than Oprah. I am going a little harsh here but the truth is that with everything she has achieved, she still is falling back on a shot to look in the mirror. You don’t need money or fame to be happy. You need to do the work, know yourself, find your tribe, and align your choices with your goals.

Don’t be Oprah, be you!

Brian Wright

Killer B Combat Sports Academy, Oakhurst, NJ